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North Carolina Speak Up 2014
The Speak Up National Research Project provides participating schools, districts and non-profit organizations with a suite of online surveys and reports to collect authentic feedback from students, educators and parents. In addition, a summary of the national findings will be shared with education and policy leaders in Washington DC and North Carolina.

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Presented at ISTE 2014

The top three reasons schools and districts participate in Speak Up are to:

  1. Collect unique data from their stakeholders.
  2. Conduct a needs assessment and create a vision for 21st century learning.
  3. Use the data to create and inform technology initiatives or create strategic plans.

Across the nation, educators tell us that Speak Up:

  • Gives them a better understanding of issues important to their stakeholders.
  • Provides a mechanism to empower students to voice their opinions.
  • Provides meaningful input into their planning process.
  • Enhances their ability to implement technology initiatives more closely aligned to students’ expectations and needs.
  • Helps identify meaningful benchmarks for measuring success.