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Ideas garnered from #NCDLDay Twitter chat

  • Digital Learning Day Teacher's challenge
  • Checkout these Hangout on Air sessions from 2015:
  • Create grade-level specific activities
  • Highlight one teacher every hour, on the hour for 24 hours. Use video, pics, tools like Smore, written tributes, and social media. Check out a sample teacher spotlight from last year
  • Share with parents how we implement digital learning within our curriculum.
  • Get teachers and students to tweet all day about digital learning. Create drawing, with winner getting a special lunch treat!
  • Invite community leaders to your DLDay events
  • Check out this list of schoolwide activities:
  • Have teachers host topics in their classrooms related to digital learning, and have students tour the rooms for collaborative learning all day!
  • Invite parents and community in to see the great things going on in our schools with digital learning
  • Have a #twitter bingo -modify for smaller, quicker options for a single day
  • Essential questions posted in a collaborative space and linked to related activities
  • Schedule Skype/Google Hangouts between some teachers and others outside of the school / community. Make it global!
  • Build inner-district connections using Google Hangouts, Skype and/or Augmented reality -- then reach even further!
  • Have students lead a tool slam (in limited time, like one minute, students share about a tool / app)
  • Create a social media challenge for students using tools like Twitter or Instagram
  • Create activities that provide learning experiences for parents
  • Use Answer Garden or Padlet to solicit feedback from parents on ways to improve school-to-home communication
  • Get classes in different schools to gamify learning and play each other in Kahoot or Goosechase
  • Plan a parent night and share info, tips, and resources related to a social media tool in preparation for DLDay
  • Highlight activities that encourage girls to code
  • Invite legislators to come be a digital student for a day
  • Have all middle schools participate in a Twitter chat
  • Organize a technology “carnival.”
  • Encourage schools to share great examples of digital learning via social media
  • Check out what@NorthsideES did last year on DLDay:
  • Ask each school to share digital learning in action via their Twitter using #DLDay and#NCDLDay
  • Ask staff to send in presentations and use Google Hangouts on Air to share
  • Send Google form to staff (and students) asking if they would lead#DLDay activity - share with the entire district
  • Design thinking activity with businesses, students, and the local community.
  • Have a school-wide hour of code

Some classrooms and schools may have limited access to digital devices.

What are some ways that they can celebrate DLDay?

  • Perfect opportunity for students to collaborate and share devices
  • Use non-tech formative assessment like Plickers
  • Create and use interactive whiteboard activities
  • Leverage student-owned devices; consider BYOD
  • Have a Skype chat or a mystery Hangout
  • Have students lead a tool slam (in limited time, like one minute, students share about a tool / app)
  • Get schools to invest in a few inexpensive@Raspberry_Pi@arduino
  • Have stations where students can explore various tools / devices
  • Have students code a Sphero robot with only laminated QR codes and one mobile device
  • Try Mystery Skype
  • Have students showcase the technology that they have
  • shared devices, Makerspaces, genius hour, robot turtle coding game
  • There are activities all over the web that involve learning to code without computers!
  • Have station rotation, in-class flips, and let students bring and use their own devices! …
  • Have a technology open house for the community
  • Have a class-wide preparation for a digital project where all have a role. Culmination/launching of the project on#DLDay
  • Make the activities classroom wide! Skyping would only require a computer and projector and students could get involved!
  • Skype, FaceTime, GHO, etc. Online collaboration only takes one device on each end. Two to tango!
  • Have students work in groups to promote collaboration
  • Utilize stations. Let's share the love! All students don't have to be at the same place at the same time.
  • Find activities that the class can do together with the available technology. After all, teamwork is a great skill.
  • Students can design a plan during#dlday on how the district can bring more technology to their schools!
  • Have a hashtag board outside a common area, like the cafeteria. Students post on paper sentence strips with thoughts regarding a question or topic. Feels like Twitter to them! Great way to incorporate digital citizenship lessons!
  • Students could design a classroom of the future
  • Use "disconnected" technology- Cubelets, Magformers, STEM items
  • Low tech coding would be great for those with limited to no technology

Digital Learning Day - Pinterest

Digital Learning Day Planning Workshop - video (2014, archived)

Dade Schools Digital Learning Day session list and descriptions

Fulton Schools - list of school activities

Digital Tools and Resources Shared by Participants of 1/25 Twitter Chat

How can we involve students in DLDay celebrations?

  • Develop a DLDay planning committee that includes student representation.
  • Brainstorm with students, involving them in the planning process, and give them choices
  • Encourage students to share their work with authentic audiences
  • Have high school students incorporate digital lesson on@TenMarks or@Discovery for students. Possibly create contest based on points earned.
  • Create a hashtag for secondary students to use on DLDay for Twitter, Instagram
  • Have students prepare digital learning videos and presentations to share with parents and community
  • Allow students to BYOD for the day
  • Set up an “unconference” time where students so they can have choice and design their own learning
  • Have students lead a tool slam (in limited time, like one minute, students share about a tool / app)
  • Have students create “a day in a digital learner life” video
  • Use Goosechase to spotlight digital learning throughout school/district.
  • Have student-led virtual field trips.
  • Encourage teachers to share their classroom story via pics and work from students.
  • Allow for choice within digital learning stations
  • Have students design the day
  • Involve students in planning, encourage them to be leaders and teach each other as well as other grades.
  • Create technology evolution demonstrations. Show how technology has changed and evolved using old media center tools.
  • Students can share via social media. Challenge each other with video, gaming, etc.
  • Let students plan#dlday activities for teachers
  • Have students lead stations at the#DLDay celebrations - gaming to making to green screening, and more!
  • Allow students to share the ways digital supports their learning via blog posts, tweets, instagram, and their other channels.
  • Create a QR code choice board. Fill it with different DLD activities. Allow students to choose. Add augmented reality, too!
  • Share what classrooms all over the world did last year and poll students for ideas for celebrating DLD. Give them some ownership.
  • Let the students lead. Find fun ways to make them appreciate technology!

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