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Professional Learning Activity Ideas for Digital Learning Day

  • Create a PD challenge - check out this example:
  • Start small create #TLC (Tech Learning Community) in your school, then expand to district, and beyond
  • Create Hangouts on Airs to be on-demand professional learning for teachers
  • Develop a classroom open house for teachers! This is an opportunity to tour peers’ rooms to see digital learning activities
  • Survey teachers to determine professional learning needs, and create PD opportunities to take place on DLDay
  • Encourage educators to grow their PLNs by sharing ideas and resources via Twitter and other social media tools
  • Share DLDay activities on Twitter, on school blogs / websites, our district websites
  • Showcase tools that make teaching easier, more efficient, and effective
  • Have teachers create a Twitter account, learn how to use Twitter, and then show them how to use Tweekdeck
  • Encourage teachers to check out educational Twitter chats
  • Exposure!!! Sharing ideas and collaborating. Begins conversations about digital learning.
  • Use Skype as a way of meeting for professional development
  • Introduce other faculty to possibilities for using a new Makerspace area
  • Provide resources for teachers to find lessons for incorporating technology and challenge teachers (and yourself) to try something new on#NCDLday
  • Video archive your class. Like
  • Simply celebrating great digital learning draws attention to it. Enthusiasm and passion are infectious.
  • Check out @Voxer @TwitterChats@langwitches and other blogs that offer support!
  • Provide the time/platform to share! When teachers see something they like, they are more likely to try it out!
  • Encourage teachers to pick a new tool to explore. Have a "5 min tool" slam where teachers could stop in during lunch / planning and see the tool in action.
  • Create a professional development focus on student-centered environment in the digital age and make digital learning day part of the celebration
  • Encourage teachers to make technology integration part of their mid-point to end of year professional development plans!
  • Tweet it up!
  • Arrange a time for teachers to share ideas they are already using and collaborate to come up with new ideas.

Professional Learning Resources Form:

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Professional Learning Resources (Responses):

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