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How can we encourage others in our schools / districts to celebrate DLDay?

  • School library media coordinators and instructional technology facilitators: Partner with your teachers to design DLDay activities
  • Promote, publicize, and PLAY!
  • Make it relevant, have choices built in, and have some opportunities for individualization
  • Create excitement by challenging another school to participate in a school vs. school Kahoot competition or other competition
  • Share ideas/plans in district PLC meetings
  • Let them know about#DLDAY and share resources .. encourage action (big or small)
  • Highlight the importance of technology in our society and challenge our thinking about the implications for integrating technology in student’s learning
  • Be willing to partner with teachers to support their first steps!
  • Share success stories and will catch on!
  • Invite them in on the fun! New things can be intimidating on your own, so having someone to follow always helps.
  • Communicate the purpose of the day and the hashtag to post examples in multiple ways with teachers, students, and administrators.
  • Invite families to visit classrooms, tweet about#DLDAY
  • Model and show enthusiasm about digital learning
  • Create a district list of showcases and times. This helps district leaders and community members know where to go throughout the day.

There are already great things happening in our classrooms and schools related to digital teaching and learning! How can we publicize and share about these experiences and events before, during, and after Feb. 17?

  • Use tools like Padlet to share pictures and stories from throughout the school / district
  • Celebrate learning by having webinars / creating videos to spotlight teachers who rock
  • Create a simple Twitter challenge! Take this one and make it your own.
  • Utilize a central location (like a monitor / TV in the main office or cafeteria) to tell digital teaching and learning stories
  • Write local media press releases, cross-post on social media sites, with invitation for community members to visit and see digital learning activities in action
  • Have students in each participating class create a 15 second promotional video and post to school website / YouTube channel
  • Highlight digital learning ideas and teacher spotlights at faculty meetings
  • Create memes to incorporate fun into digital learning!
  • Encourage teachers to use their classroom websites to share learning stories and student work
  • Create a hashtag to use for school / classroom sharing and teacher spotlights
  • Encourage growth of PLN between schools and districts (and beyond!)
  • School website, Twitter, Facebook, email, newsletters, school LMS to parents, newspapers, etc
  • Invite families, community in for digital learning open house
  • Look for Tweetable Moments!
  • As@kevinhoneycutt says, we have to tell our stories or others will! Speak up and share with anyone who will listen.
  • We can spread the news via social media!#NCDLDay is FEB. 17th!
  • Too often Teachers don't realize how remarkable they are and don't brag enough about what's happening in their space. We can help!
  • Use social media & school websites to share the real story of excellence in digital teaching and learning in classrooms.
  • Have a form for teachers to complete with a schedule of events, and have someone videotaping that day. Use video to promote digital learning.
  • Add your activity to the national map, tweet about it, share on your school or classroom website, blog about it. Highlight it!!

How can we continue the momentum of DLDay after Feb. 17?

  • Plan events monthly to highlight the importance of digital tools/learning
  • Continue to encourage teachers to visit other classrooms so they can observe digital learning
  • Create ways to highlight digital learning: “Tech Tuesdays,” shoutouts, spotlights
  • Have #NCDLDay every month @ school. Have a class, grade level, or department sponsor each month.
  • Participate in Twitter chats, keep collaborating with PLNs !
  • Encourage administrators to spotlight digital learning activities (via announcements, blog and Twitter posts, etc.)
  • Develop a student club who create videos of digital learning examples and teacher spotlights
  • See every day as a#DLDAY - we have to make it count and ensure that our students see value in DL ... it is way of learning
  • Make connections! Grow your#pln!
  • Continue to provide our teachers with TIME to learn new tech tools and ways to use them.
  • Continue to share and share often in as many ways possible. Who can help promote your efforts? Find them and ask them to help!
  • Highlighting digital teaching and learning examples from your teachers and students.
  • Encourage, encourage, encourage.
  • Major role of our coaches...share-celebrate-collaborate w/in schools and across district
  • Light a fire in the hearts of others to continue - provide a resource sheet for teachers and students with tons of options!
  • Get thee to an#EdCamp, hastily!

NCDLDay 2016


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NCDLDay 2016 one page flyer:

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Twitter posts:

Teachers are pairing tech w/ great instruction to help transform America’s classrooms. Join them on 2/17! #DLDay
#DLDay is about enhancing the role of the teacher in America's classrooms. Join the movement!

Have digital resources you want to share in the spirit of #DLDay on 2/17? It could win you an Apple Watch!

Spread the word: Digital Learning Day’s 5th birthday is February 17th. YOU & the schools, students, and educators in your network are invited!

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Facebook posts:

Great teaching, combined with effective technology, is transforming America's classrooms and unleashing creativity, connectivity, and innovation. Digital Learning Day is a day to celebrate, collaborate with, and learn from the schools, students, and educators who are getting it right!

Spread the word: Digital Learning Day’s 5th birthday is February 17th. YOU & the schools, students, and educators in your network are invited!

How are YOU re-imagining learning with technology? In honor of Digital Learning Day on Feb. 17th, share your best education technology resources for a chance to win an Apple Watch.

National DLDay Graphics:

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Sample email:

[Insert Organization Name] is helping spread the word about Digital Learning Day on February 17th, 2016, and we would like you to join in!

It’s a day thousands of schools and local communities across the country recognize great teaching practices and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes with the help of digital tools.

As a grassroots effort, Digital Learning Day encourages students, teachers, leaders, and communities to be part of transforming our education system. That means thinking differently about how technology can be used to support more engaged, deeper learning opportunities for all students. Get involved by adding an event or activity to the official Digital Learning Day map or joining the online conversation using #DLDay.

Here are three easy messages you can use on your social media, particularly Twitter, to show your support:
  • Save the Date: Digital Learning Day’s 5th anniversary is Feb. 17th! Spread the word: #DLDay cc. @OfficialDLDay
  • #DLDay is about enhancing the role of the teacher in America's classrooms. Join the movement by hosting an event!
  • Teachers are pairing tech w/ great instruction to help transform America’s classrooms. Join them on 2/17! #DLDay

For more information please visit We’re excited to celebrate with you on February 17th.

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