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Ideas garnered from #NCDLDay Twitter Chats

  • Have students create videos about what digital learning means to them
  • Use Spheros with 4th graders on a math lesson on angles. Lead up to lesson by practicing coding with students.
  • Showcase student work with tools like TACKK, coding, blogging, video, Piktochart, Discovery Ed boards, etc..
  • Set up digital learning stations at lunch, Example: 10 sec questions __
  • Continue / extend Hour of Code activities
  • Spotlight student learning within 1:1 program.
  • Create a Thinglink with students related to classroom lesson/topic
  • Student centered activities during day, and student-led evening event for community
  • Develop / highlight Genius Hour & Makerspaces
  • Plan Skype sessions with students in NC and other states.
  • Have students list what they like about digital learning and tweet/share on social media
  • Focus on student production using@WeVideo
  • Provide a menu of options for teachers and students (and families!)
  • Plan activities for the 3D printer
  • Check out this DL Celebration page: …
  • Celebrate with a schoolwide STEM project using@Ozobot
  • Create a virtual conference for your teachers and administrators
  • Focus on #makerspace
  • Develop professional development for principals and administrators
  • Schedule an open house for a new makerspace on campus
  • Create a cross-curricular, collaborative project with colleagues
  • Try a Mystery hangout
  • Plan district-wide collaboration with high school students coming to middle schools and elementary schools.
  • Plan for activities that involve students creating content, like PSA videos and community support resource creation.
  • Cross state lines and provide opportunities for students to learn with others outside of the school building
  • Engage community leaders, businesses.
  • Create day of and follow-up learning events for parents!
  • Plan digital collaboration between same grade level students from different schools within district
  • Think about Skyping another classroom to showcase what you are doing for DLDay on DLDay.
  • Plan a student unconference- let students pick learning topics!
  • Students can use Credly or@canva to create badges to represent what they’ve learned recently, standards mastered …
  • Develop Digital Citizenship scenarios. Creating a problem-based exercise for students to solve.
  • Allow students to showcase their technology skills!
  • Have an inventor's challenge. Students could design a new technology!


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