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1. What does FTE stand for?
FTE means full time equivalent. If a person is split between 2 schools as an ITF, then you would put 0.5 for half a position.

2. How many characters do the text boxes hold?
The text boxes hold 100 characters. If you are placing a URL that is longer than 100 characters, please use a URL shortener like goo.gl, Bit.ly, or TinyURL.com.

3. How do I subscribe to the DLMI?
The directions are located here.

4. What User Role do I use?
  • DPI Inquiry Only – DPI Staff only
  • Region Inquiry Only – Instructional Regional Consultants Only
  • LEA Administrator – The district administrator responsible for the district NC DLMI data
  • LEA Inquiry OnlyDistrict level administrator with view-only access to NC DLMI data
  • School Principal – Principals
  • School AdministratorThe school level user responsible for the school's NC DLMI data
  • School Inquiry Only – School level user with view-only access for a school's NC DMLI data

5. We are now using the NC Digital Learning and Media Inventory (NC DLMI), but I need last year's information to help me update the data. How do I get this information?
Please go to the following link to gain access to the prior years’ data. AMTR Data

6. Where can I find the presentation on the new NC DLMI design?
The Presentation is located here.

7. What is the definition of a Teacher?
A teacher is anyone in a school employed as a certified teacher...no matter what the subject or how many classes they teach. If a teacher is an itinerant teacher and spends more than half their time at a particular school, that school should count that teacher as their own. If the teacher spends 50% at two sites, each school may count the teacher as .5 on their total teacher county. If the teacher travels to more than two schools, this teacher should be counted at where they are counted for payroll purposes.

8. What is the definition of a classroom?
A classroom is any physical space considered by the school to be a classroom for the instruction of students the majority of the school day. Rooms used for band, chorus, and labs, etc should be counted as classrooms.

9. What if I have several schools with different school numbers sharing the same resources?
Data will need to be divided between the schools. Because the reports are electronically generated from the data in the APEX database, you will need to distribute the shared resources between the schools. This will ensure that data is present in the report card data for each school.

10. Counting Media Assistants
Media assistants who are working full time in the media center are in the media center before, during and after the school day. Media assistants who perform other duties regularly during the school day should be considered partial media assistants (ie .50, .75). For example: Two media assistants, who have other duties outside the media center would be .75 each or 1.5 together.

11. What is considered after hours for the Media Center?
The media center is open and staffed after a school's official closing hours and/or on weekends for use by students, teachers, and possibly by the members of the community.

12. Where do I count Kindle and Nook tablets?
Kindle and Nooks are Android Tablets and should be counted in the Android tablet section, depending on the size of the screen.

13. What do I do if I get the following error: session data protection violation?
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This error usually occurs when a user has entered an incorrect password on the first login attempt and then correctly logs in a second time. If you see this error, please close the tab or window in which you are attempting to login. Open a new window and log back in with the correct information.

14. What TV's do we count?
When counting televisions, please count any televisions in use, including CRT's and flat screens.

15. Do we count number of book copies or titles?
When counting books, please count the number of titles not copies.

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