dtl logo.png For the past decade, IMPACT: Guidelines for North Carolina Media and Technology has been the Department of Public Instruction's authoritative source to guide planning and implementation of effective school library media and instructional technology programs. While IMPACT remains a vital resource to inform our programming decisions, some elements of IMPACT have been updated in other publications.

The following library media and technology documents supercede IMPACT: Guidelines for North Carolina Media and Technology and will support your programs:

As more components of IMPACT are updated in the future, they will be included here. Stay tuned!

Additional Resources:

Considerations: Library Media Programs may assist library media stakeholders in assessing their library media programs. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of a school libray media program may provide insight to guide strategic planning and decision making to improve the program.

AASL’s Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs includes guidance on school library vision, instruction, learning environments, and leadership. (Available as an eBook via NCWiseOwl)