Intel® Teach continues to provide educators across NC with quality professional development resources. Resources that support development of 21st Century Skills, and implementation of Common Core and RttT initiatives.

Free Professional Development for NC Educators
NCDPI has initiated a statewide professional development program to train teachers to effectively infuse Information and Technology Essential Standards into the Commom Core and Essential Standards. Through grants from Intel® Teach over 9,000 educators in 110 LEAs and Charter Schools have been trained since the program began in 2002.

Programs for K-12 Educators, K-12 Administrators
In January 2013, Intel announced a major milestone by posting MT and ST resources, and teacher guides for both Essentials and Thinking with Technology online in eReader format. Everything needed is found in Teachers Engage We formally ended the legacy train-the-trainer program; anyone may use course resources with no training or CDs required. Intel no longer trains and certifies Senior Trainers, who in turn certify Master Trainers to deliver the courses. With this announcement, we have completed the shift to Elements.

Intel® Teach Elements - Free, just-in-time professional development that you can experience now, anytime, or anywhere. A new series of high interest, visually compelling courses provides deeper exploration of 21st Century Learning concepts using:
  • Animated tutorial and audio dialogs to explain concepts
  • Interactive knowledge checking exercises
  • Offline activities to apply concepts

The Digital Teaching and Learning division can offer free online training facilitated by EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO) trained facilitators through the NC Home Base Professional Development system. At this time there are 9 Elements courses available. Regional consultants can meet with district leaders to determine which course(s) best meet your needs. Download a PDF file with course titles and descriptions.

Intel® Teach Essentials (available in eReader format only)- The goal of the Intel® Teach Essentials Course is to help classroom teachers develop student-centered learning through technology integration and project-based approaches. Through these modules, teachers develop a standards-based curricular unit that promotes 21st century skills, specifically encouraging student self-direction and higher-order thinking through problem-solving, collaboration, and the use of productivity strategies and tools.

Intel® Thinking with Technology (available in eReader format only)- The Intel® Thinking with Technology course focuses on enhancing effective technology integration skills using free online tools. Participants engage in hands-on practice using online technology tools to sharpen students' higher-order thinking skills. Teachers also create an instructional plan that promotes higher-order thinking skills, student learning objectives that are aligned to ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students(NET*S) and the Common Core and Essential Standards Curriculum.

Intel® Teach Leadership Forum - This is a 4-hour forum for Instructional Leaders (Superintendents, Principals and District-Wide Curriculum Directors) which asks the Essential Question: How can the leader support teacher effectiveness to improve student achievement? Administrators will promote and support the integration of technology for improved teacher effectiveness and student achievement. This is hands-on workshop in which participants analyze research, Web resources, and standards such as the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS*A). Participants begin the development of a personalized action plan. Support materials are provided for developing the action plan.

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