The Digital Teaching and Learning Division at the NCDPI have created virtual professional learning courses that align to the DLCs for Teachers. These courses were created in Canvas, but can be imported into a district’s learning management system.

These courses are structured using a competency-based model, where learning activities result in participants demonstrating evidence of achievement of specified outcomes. Using the NCDPI DLC courses, participants will demonstrate mastery of each DLC focus area through artifacts. The self-assessment enables teachers to consider their current levels of understanding and experience in each focus area. The level progression for each focus area includes: Novice, Experienced, and Mastery.

If a district decides to use these DLC virtual courses as designed, district reviewers would need to be selected to review artifact submissions. Additionally, a district could investigate using micro-credentialing as part of a competency-based route to licensure renewal.

Resources for DLC-Administrators are currently being created by NC school-level administrators, and will be shared with districts when completed.

We are excited to announce that the NC Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers courses have been placed in the NC Canvas Commons!

DLCs for Teachers: Leadership in Digital Learning
DLCs for Teachers: Content & Instruction
DLCs for Teachers: Digital Citizenship
DLCs for Teachers: Data & Assessment

The NC Canvas Commons is by invitation only. If you have not joined and need to be added to the NC Canvas Commons, please complete the information on this link. After form submission, your sites instance will have access to the NC Canvas Consortium. Your District/Charter Canvas Admin will need to login to Canvas and accept the invite using click path: Commons, Admin, Consortium, Accept Invite. After accepting, you will be able to see all NCDPI Shared Courses.

If your district uses another LMS, please click this link to access the common cartridge files which can be utilized in other LMS platforms. Please keep in mind that your LMS must accept common cartridge files to successfully import.

To preview the course materials, you may also be interested in viewing the Google documents that have been created to mirror the course materials. Access them through these links.

Course Materials via Google Drive:
Overview page - All courses
Overview page - Data & Assessment
Overview page - Digital Citizenship
Overview page - Digital Content & Instruction
Overview page - Leadership in Digital Learning

If you would like further assistance utilizing the courses in your professional development offerings, please contact your Digital Learning Consultant. You may also contact your Digital Learning Consultant for general assistance with the competencies. You can find contact information for your consultant here.

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