October 21, 2016; 2-2:50; Gaines 2
Kathy Parker, School Library Media Consultant, NCDPI, DTL
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Session Description
Act Now: How can we boost data driven decision making and evidence-based practice in our library media programs? Put research into action! This session will discuss action research, how it connects to a school library media coordinator's professional standards, and how it can be implemented in practice to strengthen our school library media programs. This session will be interactive so bring a fully charged computing device.

Participants will...

  • Review action research's connection to our professional standards
  • Examine the steps of the process
  • Brainstorm action research areas of focus

Establishing a Foundation: How is action research relevant to our work as school library media coordinators? (10 mins.)
Six Step Pair Share: Take 6 steps and find a partner. Discuss your answers to the questions on your slips of paper.

Steps (15 mins.)

Action Research Process (15 mins.): Review possible steps in the process.

Action Research Process For Teacher Librarians Made Simple (requires NCWiseowl login)

GTN Slides

Get in the Action: Candid Librarian Blog

IMPACT (pg. 174)

What is Action Research-ASCD

Activity: Collecting Data (15 mins.)
Input in the AnswerGarden data and data sources that may be relevant to action research

NCSLMA grant blog posts
Preconference Session