2015 Annual Media and Technology Report


2015 School Report Card Data

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Classroom Personal Learning Devices 2015

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Number of Computers per Student

iPads By District

Number of Books Per Student

Technicians -

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Digital Access

State Digital Access Raw Data

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"Does your school have a 1:1 initiative?" 684 schools (27.7%) said yes and 1,785 said no. Among the yeses, 93 traditional LEAs were represented, plus 20 charter schools. 10 LEAs said 100% of their schools had a 1:1 program. 623 schools (25.3%) said they have a BYOD initiative.

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In response to "Approximately what percentage of students in your school have Internet access at home?" schools could list one of 4 drop-down responses: 1-25% 113 schools (4.6% of sample); 26-50% 518 schools (21.1%); 51-75% 1040 schools (42.4%); 76-100% 784 schools (31.9%)

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When asked "Do you have a full-time, certified (079 or 077) Instructional Technology Facilitator in your school? (Assigned to your school 100% of the time)," 409 (16.5%) of schools were listed as YES, while 2,075 (83.5%) were NO. [382 didn't reply] Of the NO's, they were asked "If “No”, do you have a part time, certified (079 or 077) Instructional Technology Facilitator in your school?" and 345 (16.4%) replied YES, while 1,761 (83.6%) said NO.

  • In response to the item, "Do you have a full time, certified (076) School Library Media Coordinator in your school? (Assigned to your school 100% of the time)," 2,073 (83.4%) of schools replied YES, while 412 (16.6%) replied NO
  • In response to the item, "Do you have a full-time technician assigned to your school?" 295 (12%) replied YES, while 2,173 (88%) replied no.
  • In response to, "How many technology assistants does your school have?" 1,876 schools (75.4%) said zero; 4% had from 0.1 to 0.8, 19.4% had one, and 1.3% had 1.5 to 3.
  • In response to "Of the books purchased for your media center this year, what percentage was in digital format?"1,675 schools (67.5%) said zero.


Internet Connectivity

Digital Access Summary