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The AMTR is currently closed for updates. Our aim is to have the new and improved site open in early spring of 2016. Thank you for your patience. We are working to make it an even better experience for you!!

This Wiki space is designed to share 1) raw data collected annually, 2) support for the process of collecting data, and 3) updates relative to this process.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cathy Mathews or Julian Nichols-Wilson As we receive new questions, we are also updating our FAQs page with the answers. On this AMTR Wiki landing page you will find resources for accessing data from 2014, information about subscribing to the AMTR, new AMTR questions (a PDF file as well as an Excel File) and a link to the AMTR FAQs.

The Annual Media and Technology Report (AMTR) provides data on school media and technology programs to school, district, and state level stakeholders. The information is based on the school and district level media and technology inventories on July 1 of each year. This report gives both the legislature and the public a yearly snapshot of the state of media and technology programs in North Carolina's schools.


The School Report Card has been released. In early 2016 new data will be imported to reflect other aspects of the current status of media and technology resources - to include average age of media, BYOD status, etc.

Of utmost importance:

  • Some of the districts are not showing within various segments of the “Raw Data” that we have been examining over the last couple of weeks. It turns out that if you have incomplete data within a segment, your information for that segment is not posting to the “Raw Data.” The SRC pulls information from the raw data file. Please make sure that the district level information is complete also.
  • Some of your SLMCs may be incorrectly inputting their “average age” within the medial collection information. Remind your SLMCs that “average age” answer should point to a year rather than a number for the shelf age of a resource. It is important to understand that the question relates to “average copyright age.” For example, you could have purchased three books last year. Their shelf age would be one year – but if they were published in 1990, 2000 and 2005, their “average copyright age” would be 1998. 1998 is the number that should be placed in the AMTR for question #508. Question #509 would be calculated in the same manner. Since districts use different solutions and products for their media center management, please alert your SLMCs concerning how best to ascertain this information if they do not have it.



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New subscribes please note:
Once you log into the AMTR using your NCID credentials, you will be prompted through the
registration process!!!! Please also consult the "Registration Procedures for the AMTR" document below.



Frequently asked questions about the AMTR. This includes clarification for specific questions.
Registration Procedure for the AMTR: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
How The Information is Used: OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

NC School Report Card

You may also visit the NC School Report Card Site to review comparison data.


NCID Points to remember

  • Get an NCID (or update your password) - contact the NCID administrator for your LEA or Charter School.
  • If you already have an NCID, you can use it to subscribe to AMTR
  • For NCID information, you may 1) contact your NCID administrator, or 2) go to https://ncid.nc.gov/or www.ncpublicschools.org/ncid/ Be sure to start with your own NCID administrator first.
  • Your NCID password will expire after a few months (90 days). NCID will send an email requesting that you re-set your password. If you do not re-set your password, or if you forget your password, you will be locked out of NCID and AMTR. Contact your NCID administrator or go to https://ncid.nc.gov/ to re-set your password. Your User Name will remain the same.


AMTR Questions 2014

New AMTR Questions 2015

Excel File of 2015 AMTR Questions

If you wish to access 2014 data for your school only, and you were subscribed to the "Old AMTR" follow these steps.

To access raw data from a particular year, please follow the appropriate link below:

This video will walk you through filtering data to reveal information
relative to your LEA only. Use the same steps to "drill down" to specific schools as you need the information.


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