Frequently (and not so frequently) asked questions about the new AMTR

How do I subscribe to the AMTR?

You must have an NCID User Name and Password
To register for an NCID – please go to your NCID Administrator for your district or charter school – to find out your administrator visit
You may be prompted to change your NCID Password at the AMTR website, if you have never used your NCID before. If you are asked to do this, simply follow the link to change your NCID Password. REMEMBER THIS MAY NOT HAPPEN TO EVERYONE!
After you have an NCID User Name and Password, follow this link and subscribe to the AMTR:

What User Role do I use?

DPI Inquiry Only – DPI Staff only
Region Inquiry Only – Instructional Regional Consultants Only
LEA Administrator – The district administrator – who is in charge of the district AMTR
LEA Inquiry Only – Can be used for District Administration to see the AMTR data
School Principal – Principals
School Administrator – this is the school level person who is responsible for the AMTR
School Inquiry Only – Can be used for School personnel to see that schools AMTR data

We are now using the "New AMTR" but I need last year's information to help me update the data. How do I get this information?
The simplest solution is for the School AMTR Administrator to log into the ***old*** AMTR and download the information for the school. Here are the steps:
  1. Log into the old AMTR site
  2. Select "View Complete School Report"
  3. Once the school report opens, you will see a button that says "Excel Download" (see picture).
  4. Click this button and the complete report for your school will download to your device. Use this information to assist you in updating your school data.
AMTR Excel Download.jpg

Where within the 2015 AMTR do I place ChromeBoxes and ChromeBases ?
Review your specs for the ChromeBox|ChromeBase. For this year we will denote ChromeBoxes|ChromeBases in questions 101 and 136. Include your number of Chromeboxes|Chromebases within your calculations of the Intel Core Processors and above desktop computers (#101) - and then make sure to include the number of Chromeboxes|Chromebases in the total for question #136 that asks, “How many of the above computers run on another OS?”

How does the district determine Teacher Proficiency

This is a site based decision

Is the proficiency data at the district or school level?

Even though, the question is asked on the district questionaire, it is based on school level personnel and should only include school level administrators, teachers and media coordinators.

Where can I find the Presentation on the new AMTR design?

The Presentation is located here.

Should I open a section, where I do not have any data to enter in?

Remember to open each section and save each section, even if you do not have data to put in the fields.

In section VI, we have classrooms and labs. Do we count them all here as classrooms?

For this particular question, each lab would be counted as a classroom since it is used for instructional purposes. The earlier questions in Section I allowed us to count computers located in particular areas of the school.

Are band and chorus rooms counted as classrooms?


What if I have several schools with different school numbers sharing the same resources?

Data will need to be divided between the schools. Because the reports are electronically generated from the data in the APEX database, you will need to distribute the shared resources between the schools. This will ensure that data is present in each of those schools report card data.

What is the definition of a classroom?

A classroom is any physical space considered by the school to be a classroom for the instruction of students the majority of the school day. if a space that was a closet or office in the past is converted into an instructional space where a certified teacher teaches the majority of the school IS a classroom. A corner in the media center or hallway used occasionally to teach children would not count. Teacher workrooms that are used the majority of the school day as a classroom with a certified teacher would count as a classroom. A majority would be 51% of the instructional day. Band, Chorus and Labs should be counted as classrooms.

What is the definition of a classroom set?

A set consists of groupings that are stored in a common bag, box or cart and is moved as a group to a location to be used.

What is the definition of a Teacher?

A teacher is anyone in a school employed as a certified matter what the subject or how many classes they teach. If a teacher is an itinerant teacher and spends more than half their time at a particular school, that school should count that teacher as their own. If the teacher spends 50% at two sites, each school may count the teacher as .5 on their total teacher county. If the teacher travels to more than two schools, this teacher should be counted at where they are counted for payroll purposes.

If I do not have a media center, can I just skip this section?

No, You must answer No in the first question of Section VII, this indicates that you do not have a media center.

What is the definition of an electronic book?

An electronic book is a data file of a single book that can be located on a variety of hardware devices including, but not limited to desktop or laptop computers and handheld devices.

What is a Media Retrieval System?

This is also called a video distribution system. This is an on-demand video system located, more times than not, in the media center. Teachers use a number of methods from a call to the media center to a remote device in the classroom to access the video on their television or projector in the classroom. Channel One is not a media retrieval system.

Counting Media Assistants

Media assistants who are working full time in the media center are in the media center before, during and after the school day. Media assistants who perform other duties regularly during the school day should be considered partial media assistants (ie .50, .75). Nothing less than .5 should be entered. Two media assistants, who have other duties outside the media center would be .75 each or 1.5 together.

What is considered after hours for the Media Center?

If the media center is open and staffed after a school's official closing hours and/or on weekends for use by students, teachers, and possibly by the members of the community.

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