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Participants will review the responsibilities for teaching and modeling digital citizenship and investigate classroom resources. Activities will include a brief look at Acceptable Use vs. Responsible use, a student activity for licensing content they create, and steps for creating positive environments and safe communication practices, both online and in the classroom.

Session Agenda

  • BIG Picture Overview
  • Explore
  • Share

footprint.pngWhat is Digital Citizenship?

In a small group, review the assigned resource from the list below (5 minutes). Select a representative to share the summary of the resource with the whole group. While listening to the summaries, develop a personal list of words you think describe digital citizenship. Click Digital Citizenship is ... and post your list on the Google Doc. A group Tagxedo will be created from these word.
  1. Digital Citizenship: It's more than a poster
  2. Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship
  3. 20 Things Educators Need to Know About Digital Literacy Skills
  4. Teaching and Modeling Good Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is ...

Classroom Resources

  1. Using the lists below, find at least one topic of interest for your classroom.
  2. Review the resources shared for the topic.
  3. Post a reflection about how the resource supports your professional standards.
  4. Include a description how of the resource supports the NC Standard Course of Study.

Digital Footprint Board

Digital Footprint


Internet Safety


Intellectual Property

The digital resources included on this page were selected to support the content of this session. NCDPI does not represent nor endorse that these resources are the exclusive digital resources for the purposes outlined on this session.