The data collection process for 2014-2015 was unlike anything experienced in recent history. Thank you to all districts and participating charters for your diligence in completing this gathering of information. We continue to seek to find new, user-friendly ways to collect information, so expect this to continue to be a fluid process. Be sure to visit the AMTR Wiki often for updated data, comparisons, and announcements. You will also find historical data on the wiki. Look for new reports to be published on the 2015 page.

This year the School Report Card will also include data relating to 1:1 programs, digital collections and BYOD. It is highly recommended that your School AMTR Administrator make changes to the data as the changes occur (e.g. new purchases, weeding activities, etc.) The DEADLINE for data entry remains June 30, 2016.

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Digital Learning Day 2016

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School Library Media Coordinators

Kathy Parker, SLMC Consultant

Encourage your school library media coordinators to own their own PD and grow their PLNs through viewing Library Media Technology Tidbits, participating in DTL sponsored webinars, and networking with others through the SLMC and ITF Edmodo group. Information about these opportunities is shared through DPI's Media and Technology Directors' listservs and the DTL Facebook page.

Relevant links include: and

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Instructional Technology Facilitators

Donna Murray, Lead Support for Instructional Technology Facilitators

As we move forward into this new school year, I want to be sure that my outreach efforts are targeting ALL of those who serve in the role of an ITF in North Carolina. Any NCITFs included in my outreach from earlier this summer were emailed last week, with a link to a survey (requesting information about their roles, needed support, professional development needs, etc.).

In last week's email, NCITFs were asked to:

Why should NCITFs take the time to complete this survey?
  • To be included in NC ITF outreach and support opportunities
  • To provide me and others with information and data about who our NC ITFs are and how they are serving our schools
  • To provide me, NC ITFs, and others with information helpful for NC ITF advocacy
  • To connect NC ITFs across regions and the state
  • To provide data that will inform my work as I strategically plan NC ITF support
  • To grow our professional learning network

NCITF Connect wiki

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Intel Teach

Deborah Goodman, Lead Consultant and NC Intel Teach Affiliate Coordinator

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Lea(R)n Trials

In order to make better decisions on statewide technology tools, NCDPI is collaborating with Lea(R)n, a North Carolina based education innovation organization, to empower any educator in the state to share their insights on any digital classroom tool.
Click here to find out more!

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